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Orders Of Protection Provide Legal Protection From Abuse Or Harassment

Your safety and the well-being of your children come first. If you have been subjected to abusive treatment or if you are being stalked, threatened or harassed, Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C., can help you obtain an order of protection.

We represent women and men seeking domestic violence protective orders for security and peace of mind. Our law practice has served the Bloomington-Normal area since 1971, and we practice in family and criminal courts of McLean County and surrounding central Illinois. Contact us today to learn your rights in a free half-hour consultation.

A Protection Order May Safeguard You From Threats Of Violence And Stalking

An order of protection can apply to someone in your household or close circle (a spouse, partner, roommate, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend), a former partner (ex-spouse, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend) or a co-worker or acquaintance, based on:
• Assault (threatening gestures or language)
• Battery (physical contact or injury)
• Sexual violence
• Threats or intimidation
• Harassment (hang-up calls, verbal abuse, destruction of property)
• Stalking (following, unwanted visits, phone calls or gifts, showing up at your workplace or child’s school)
• Online/electronic harassment (chat rooms, Facebook, text messages)

An order of protection may be granted for up to two years. Typically it prohibits the person from having any contact with you or your children, directly or through third parties. It may contain greater or lesser restrictions, depending on the threat level, prior incidents and other facts of the case.

Our experienced attorneys will accompany you to court to request an order of protection, and we will represent you in future proceedings to modify or rescind the order. We will take swift action if the person violates any provision of a protective order.

Representation Of The Accused

The court will usually err in favor of the person who is seeking protection. We know that orders of protection are sometimes abused to get revenge against an ex or to gain advantage in divorce or custody proceedings. Our lawyers have a strong background in criminal law and experience on both sides of these proceedings. We will fight an unwarranted order of protection or advocate for you to ease the restrictions, especially if you are being kept away from your children. We can also defend you if you face criminal charges for domestic violence or violating an order of protection.

Contact Us For Orders Of Protection

We offer the first 30 minutes of your consultation for free to determine if you can benefit from our representation. Call our Bloomington-Normal family law attorneys at 309-751-4101 or email us today, and we will respond promptly.