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Comprehensive And Compassionate Divorce Representation

Our attorneys understand the serious emotional and financial issues often associated with divorce. Our lawyers see that every divorce issue is unique. We take the time to listen carefully to your concerns, so that we can identify and implement solutions that meet your individualized needs.

At Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C., we have extensive trial experience; however, we understand that many family law matters are often successfully resolved without the time and expense of litigation. We approach divorce cases with an eye toward the children’s best interests. We provide honest straightforward guidance to help you understand every aspect of your case so you can make reasonable and good judgments.

Experienced Custody Advocacy

Attorney Todd Roseberry is a court-appointed guardian ad litem for complicated family law issues, including custody and visitation. In this role, he represents the best interests of minor children. He can anticipate how judges may approach your case and tailor our representation to your needs. As a team, our lawyers help clients with:

• Determining child custody and visitation rights
• Termination of custody
• Contested and uncontested adoptions
• Interstate custody disputes
• Establishing father’s rights (paternity)
• Grandparents’ rights
• Removals – one parent moving out of state with the children

Illinois Division Of Property

Division of property in Illinois follows a fair and equitable standard. Typically, your marital assets and debts will be divided equally. However, the court reviews many factors when determining property division. Our legal team understands the state’s guidelines. We will evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action. We have extensive experience working with industry professionals to gain a clear picture of your assets and debts. Our proactive approach enables us to provide guidance for the distribution of assets, including business assets and retirement accounts.

Do You Need Assistance With Child Support Concerns?

Our attorneys represent mothers and fathers pursuing or obligated to pay child support. We understand the state’s guidelines for support, as well as the long-term financial implications. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and interests at every stage of the litigation.

Our comprehensive divorce representation includes helping clients obtain – or contest – post-divorce modifications. Please call us today to discuss your concerns.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Unique Insights Into Divorce Disputes

Our lawyers have decades of experience with all shapes and sizes of family law matters, divorce and custody disputes. We offer the first 30-minutes of consultation for free. Call us at 309-751-4101 to set up an appointment. Or you may send us an email.