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Establishing Child Custody And Visitation In The Best Interests Of Your Children

Our dedicated legal team provides extensive child custody and visitation representation. We understand the lasting emotional and financial burdens associated with divorce. Our lawyers devote substantial time and energy toward learning every detail and fact about your case. By understanding your issues and goals, we can tailor our representation to meet your needs.

At Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C., our attorneys, Todd Roseberry and John Schwulst, are dedicated to pursuing amicable solutions to your issues in the best interest of your minor children. We will evaluate your situation from every angle to help you establish and implement plans for parenting time that allow for meaningful participation in the growth and nurturing of your children.

Understanding Child Custody Agreements

Judges in Illinois will grant joint custody when the parents demonstrate an ability to work together for the best interests of the children. In these situations, both parents retain legal authority to make decisions for the children involving religion, health care and education. The court may also appoint one parent to be the custodial parent, meaning the children live with that person for the majority of the time. Visitation – now known as parenting time – is given to the noncustodial parent.

Our legal team has extensive experience helping mothers and fathers find parenting time solutions. We understand the different issues and factors involved with parenting agreements. We will evaluate every aspect of your case to determine the best course of action. We have experience handling cases with:

• Difficult work schedules
• Contentious parties
• Long-distance visitation within Illinois
• Parents wanting to reside out of state

We look at the complete picture to formulate creative, flexible parenting plans that benefit all parties, but especially the children. We understand that flexible parenting time can affect many collateral issues. We have extensive experience arranging provisions for:

• Transportation costs
• Day care costs
• Medical expenses
• Health insurance costs

Parentage Issues

Family law issues can be complicated when parents are not married. Our law firm provides extensive representation for these matters as well. We understand your concerns about maintaining a relationship with your children. We not only help fathers establish legal relationships, we also assist them in obtaining appropriate parenting time to be fully involved in their children’s lives.

When representing the custodial parent, we help them collect current and past-due child support and assist the custodial parent in other areas that affect the best interests of the children.

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