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Family Law Advocacy In Divorce And Custody Matters Since 1971

Our experienced family law attorneys have extensive trial experience. We can also help you resolve many family law concerns without the stress and expense of litigation. To arrange a free and confidential first half-hour initial consultation, contact us today. We practice in family courts of McLean County and the surrounding counties in central Illinois.

Our Divorce And Family Law Practice

We work with individuals at all stages of a divorce, from the initial filing and determination of temporary orders of custody, visitation and support, or the use and possession of the marital home, through post-judgment motions for modification or enforcement of existing divorce decrees, including contempt proceedings. We handle all matters related to or arising out of divorce such as:

Child custody and visitation: We will help you seek amicable solutions that are in the best interests of your minor children, and we will always dedicate ourselves to protecting your interests. We will help you establish and implement plans for parenting time that allow for meaningful participation in the growth and nurturing of your children.
Child support issues: We will review all proposed child support orders for compliance with Illinois guidelines. We will also help you seek support for special needs, including college education, when appropriate.
Spousal maintenance (alimony): Our attorneys will help you determine whether alimony is warranted and, if so, how much should be paid and for how long.
Equitable distribution of marital property: In marital property matters, we may refer you to mediation, if that appears to be cost-efficient for your situation or if required by law. We can work directly with you to divide the debts and assets of your marriage and can prepare qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) to govern the distribution of retirement assets (or a QILDRO for state employees).
Civil unions: We can protect your interests under the 2011 Illinois legislation that recognized same-sex unions, including property division and other concerns in a civil union “divorce.”

In our comprehensive family law practice, we also handle:

Grandparents’ rights: We represent grandparents in family law matters, from custody or visitation claims to adoption proceedings.
Paternity actions: We represent unmarried fathers or mothers in legal actions for a declaration of parentage and subsequent orders for visitation or child support.
Proceedings involving the termination of parental rights: We will represent either party in a legal action to terminate or defend parental rights.
Domestic or foreign adoption: We handle all matters related to adoptions, including stepparent or third-party adoptions and private or agency adoptions. We represent adoptive parents as well as birth parents. We will also handle surrogacy matters.
Emancipation of minors: We represent parents or minors in proceedings to establish the legal adulthood and independence of a minor.
Orders of protection: We help victims of domestic abuse, stalking or harassment obtain protective orders. We also challenge orders of protection when they are overly restrictive or misused for advantage in family court proceedings.

Speak With Our Family Law Lawyers

For honest and straightforward advice from an experienced lawyer, contact us online or call us at 309-751-4101 to set up an appointment. The initial first 30 minutes of your consultation is free of charge.