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Experienced Representation For White Collar Crimes

Not so long ago, those accused of fraud or embezzlement could count on a lighter sentence than people charged with other felony offenses. In the current climate, those convicted of “white collar” crimes are often incarcerated the same as if they had stolen money in a burglary or robbery.

The legal team at Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C., provides sophisticated criminal defense for fraud and financial crimes. From defending hundreds of clients caught up in white collar prosecutions, we understand the high stakes — and how to counter the government’s case. We are committed to keeping our clients out of prison if at all possible and mitigating the impact on their careers, their families and their reputations.

Our Attorneys Provide Strategic Defense For Allegations Of Financial Fraud

Attorney John P. Schwulst has practiced in criminal law for 40 years and literally handled thousands of felony cases. He has extensive experience with fraud and white collar crimes, including an antitrust case that went all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court. Law partner Todd Roseberry has likewise handled all types of white collar cases in more than two decades of focused practice in state and federal courts of Illinois.
We can handle the full range of white collar offenses, from misdemeanor thefts to grand larceny and criminal conspiracies:

• Passing bad checks
• Embezzlement and retail theft
• Identity theft and credit card fraud
• Medicare fraud
• Mortgage fraud
• Antitrust practices (price-fixing, unfair trade practices)

We Remain Committed To A Favorable Outcome For Our Clients

Indictments for white collar crimes are often the culmination of a long investigation spanning many months. However, that does not mean that the prosecution has an airtight case. We explore every defense and every avenue to avoid a conviction or mitigate the consequences. For a first offense, we may be able to negotiate full restitution and probation. If there is a mental health issue or psychological trigger, the court may be amenable to treatment in lieu of jail or probation. If there are prior convictions or a substantial amount in controversy, we might take the case to trial or try to maneuver for a lesser sentence.

Sometimes we can intervene with the prosecutor to avert criminal charges altogether or negotiate a resolution out of the public eye. In a recent embezzlement case, we prevailed on the state’s attorney to dismiss the criminal charges, leaving only a civil lawsuit to resolve the matter.

Our lawyers offer the first half-hour of the initial consultation for free to determine if we can help. Call our Bloomington law office at 309-751-4101 or email us today, and we will respond promptly.