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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Will Be In Your Corner

While our lead criminal defense attorney is battle-tested in high-stakes, high-profile felony cases, our firm provides sharp and cost-effective representation for any charges:

Drug crimes — Possession, distribution, trafficking, manufacture or cultivation
Violent crimes — Assault and battery, aggravated assault, sexual assault, robbery, murder and attempted murder
Domestic violence — Domestic assault charges, orders of protection and violations of protective orders
DUI and traffic offenses — First-time or repeat DUI, driving after revocation, reckless driving and other traffic violations, including underage drivers and CDL truck drivers
White collar crime — Fraud, embezzlement, bad checks, identity theft and other financial crimes
• Property crimes — Shoplifting, auto theft, burglary and robbery
Probation violations — New criminal charges or failure to comply with terms of probation
• Other misdemeanors and felonies

Criminal Defense For College Students

In addition to criminal penalties, young adults charged with crimes may face disciplinary measures at school, loss of scholarships or diminished career opportunities. We have represented college students at Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University and Heartland Community College, working to resolve charges without a record or with minimal impact on their future employment and academic careers.

Proven Trial Lawyers On Your Side

We strive to get cases dismissed or avoid convictions. That means that we make full use of pretrial suppression motions and special hearings and are always prepared to take cases to trial when necessary or prudent. We take the time to explain your rights, explore all your options and understand how various outcomes might affect you.

Our attorneys offer the first 30-minutes of consultation free of charge. To arrange an initial consultation, contact our office via email or call us at 309-751-4101.